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The Shirley Schneider Support Centre

Mission Statement:  

The Shirley Schneider Support Centre is a holistic support program which aims to prevent school dropout associated with teen pregnancy; ensuring all pregnant and parenting young women are engaged in tasks that promote academic achievement, intellectual development, emotional stability, physical wellbeing and self-sufficiency.

Balfour Special Tutorial was established in 1972 and the Mackenzie Infant Care Centre was established in 1986.  In December 2010, the name of Balfour Special Tutorial was changed to the Shirley Schneider Support Centre in honour of the teacher who first piloted the program.


What is the Support Centre?

Our high school support centre for pregnant and parenting young women is a facility in which each young woman may continue their education, access support services as well as receive academic and personal counselling. All of these combined services provide the necessary framework for our student’s success. Students in the program are provided with a holistic learning environment structured with a sense of belonging, a focus on building both independence and mastery in academic and personal areas.

This program is operated by the Regina Public School System on a semester basis.  Students may transfer into the program anytime during the school year.

The program is administered and coordinated by the Balfour Collegiate administration team and Nicole Morrow, the Program Co-ordinator.  Instruction is provided by a complement of 2.5 professional teachers.  The curriculum includes:

English   Career Guidance   Native Studies    Information Processing 

Biology           Science        Psychology

Math              Life Transitions             Law       Life Skills            Visual Art

Social Studies      Wellness (Prenatal)       Modified Programming

Students in the program also have access to all the courses offered in the main Balfour Collegiate program.

Students from grades 9 - 12 receive individualized and whole group instruction in our academic and alternate education program in accordance with the Saskatchewan curriculum. Students are either registered in a regular grade twelve program or our Adult 12 program, depending on their needs and qualifications.  Detailed program information is available upon request.


Support Services

Daycare:  The Mackenzie Infant Care Centre has a total of four locations, in and close to the school. These daycares provide consistent, cost free child care for the children of our students.  The centre accepts children from two weeks to thirty months of age.

Teen Parent Support Program:  Two Teen Parent Workers are available 4 days per week, providing coverage over all 5 week days. They provide support and counseling services to students with personal matters, school difficulties, mental health issues, and referrals to outside agencies. 

Family Service Regina also offers the Teens and Tots program, which runs Tuesday’s afterschool.

A First Nations Elder, Norma Jean Bird, is also on site two days per week to provide pre- and post-natal counselling and to assist with traditional teachings.

Health: We also work in conjunction with the Al Ritchie Health Action Centre to be able to provide our students with access to a community health nurse. She is on site Tuesday mornings.  She provides the students with pre- and post-natal child care education, individual health counseling, pregnancy testing, birth control counselling and sets our students up with the Babies Best Start program. The community health nurse works in conjunction with a nutritionist who helps our students plan healthy nutrition for themselves through pregnancy, after pregnancy as well as for their growing children.  

A Planned Parenthood sexual health nurse is on site Tuesday afternoons providing resources in all areas of sexual health including pregnancy tests, birth control, STI testing and referrals to outside agencies. 

We also have the services of a Nurse Practitioner Wednesday afternoons, who can provide more advanced care for our students and their children. Our nurse practitioner provides support for smoking cessation, referrals to additional medical supports, as well as follow-up and home visits for our students and their babies. Nurse practitioners can diagnose and manage illnesses, order and interpret tests, write prescriptions and a whole lot more.

In addition to all of these services we also have an immunization nurse. She is on site most Thursdays and provides immunizations to students and their children. We also host a flu clinic for our students once a year.

Food for Learning:  Nutritious food from the four food groups are provided free of charge by the Regina Food For Learning program.  Lunches are provided three times per week for our students.  The food is prepared by students who are mentored by a staff member of the Support Centre.

Daycare:  The Mackenzie Infant Care Centre has a total of four locations, in and close to the school. These daycare locations provide consistent, cost free day care for the children of our students.  The centre accepts children from two weeks to thirty months of age.


Students must complete an application for admission to the program.  To obtain the registration forms or additional information, call the school at (306) 523-3215.  During July and August contact the Balfour Collegiate main office at (306) 523-3200.