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Ms. Denise Babcock Shirley Schneider Support Centre (SSSC)
Ms. Brenda Baisley Grade 9, ELA 20 (PreAP), Fine Arts 9, PAA 9
Ms. Gaylene Benjoe Native Studies, SSSC
Ms. Tabitha Booth Guidance
Ms. Tana Burrows Social Studies, History
Ms. Carol Casswell Fine Arts, Visual Art, Life Transitions
Ms. Ronaleen Carlson Tutorial
Ms. Janeen Clark English, Drama, Performing Arts
Ms. Leah Constable Math
Ms. Erica Crease MacLean English
Ms. Kelsey Dayman EAL
Ms. Claire Dore Math
Ms. Gail Empey EAL
Ms. Stephanie Farley
Ms. Raeleen Fehr-Rose
Mechanics, Grade 9, Aboriginal Advocacy
PAA 9, Grade 9, French
Ms. Nancy Felstrom Shirley Schneider Support Centre (SSSC)
Mr. Ryan Flood  English
Ms. Anna Hipperson Tutorial
Mr. Barry Houlden Science 9, Biology
Ms. Karla Howat Vice Principal
Ms. Catrina Hunter Grade 9, French
Mr. Jim Jo Biology, Science
Ms. Jacqueline Johnson Social Studies, EAL
Ms. Laura Kuz Art, Fine Arts, AP Art, Performing Arts, Dance
Mr. Jim Lehrer Photography, Communication Media, PAA 9
Ms. Cheryl Loeppky English
Ms. Betsy MacPherson Commercial Cooking, Food Studies
Mrs. Katherine MacPherson Social Studies, Psychology
Ms. DeLee Mahoney Transition Room MCE
Ms. Tracy Mastel Shirley Schneider Support Centre (SSSC)
Ms. Sharlene McGowan Guidance
Ms. Corinne Miller Principal
Mrs. Paula Miller Math
Mr. Darcy Olynyk Accounting, Math
Mr. Steve Parisien Math
Ms. Tammy Ratt Cree, Focus 9
Ms. Stephanie Rogers English
Ms. Megan Ruiter Math
Mr. Joel Schindelka Science
Ms. Leona Stephen Science, Wellness, Aboriginal Advocacy
Mr. Ron Sterling Welding, PAA 9
Ms. Rhonda Stevenson Aboriginal Advocacy
Mrs. Sandra Surkan Phys. Ed., Wellness
Mr. Mike Taylor PAA 9, Construction
Ms. Marilyn Totten Individual Study
Ms. Juanita Tuharsky EAL
Ms. Raegan Vollman Commercial Cooking, MCE
Mr. Brody Waddell Grade 9, ELA
Mr. Richard Wade-Cummings Guitar, Band/Choir, EAL
Ms. Sarah Wandy EAL, Grade 9
Mr. Brandon Wilkinson EAL, Math
Ms. Lisa Williams Library
Mr. Mitch Wolfmueller EAL
Mr. Ryan Wood Guidance
Ms. Shelley Yim Math
Ms. Marcy Arsenault SSSC  
Ms. Lois Colibaba Library Services  
Ms. Cathy Hutzel Educational Assistant  
Ms. Jan Wilkes Administration Assistant  
Ms. Bonnie Rosin Educational Assistant  
Ms. Linda Sawatzky Administration Assistant  
Ms. Carla Timmons Administration Assistant  
Mr. Darren Alexander Head Facility Staff