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Balfour Collegiate has applied and been chosen to become a Following Their Voices school.  This initiative supports the ongoing work we are doing within our school to teach about and for Truth and Reconciliation.  The guiding vision of FTV is to work towards education that promotes accelerated learning for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students where learning is joyful, culture is affirmed, and students are given real choice for their future.  

The day-to-day focus of this program is to listen and then follow the voices of our students and parents as we work to developing our professional understandings and practices.  Critical to this process is your voices.  We need to hear your voices.  Students will have an opportunity to respond to a survey during class time.  We are asking that you as parents/guardians respond electronically through the following link

Every Child Matters!

Balfour Girls Soccer 2018

Balfour Girls Soccer 2018

Social Media Awareness And Parenting in the Digital World

Balfour School Community Council



Your School Community Council Needs You!


As our children reach adolescence, it’s natural and healthy for them to become more engaged with their friends and to seek every opportunity they can to increase their level of independence.  As parents, this can mean we lose touch with what’s happening in their lives—including what’s happening at school.


The Balfour Collegiate School Community Council (SCC) is a group of parents who meet with school staff throughout the year to promote the learning success and well-being of all Balfour students, and to provide advice and recommendations regarding educational issues.


We need Balfour parents to join the SCC for the 2018/19 school year!


Every parent and guardian is welcome to be a part of the Balfour Collegiate SCC.  The SCC is a great way to stay connected with what’s happening at the school and to participate in the success of our school and students.  Research shows that parents’ educational interest and participation increases students’ success in school. 


Our first meeting of the 2018/19 school year will be held on September 19th at 7pm in the staff lounge.  We hope to see you there!





Way to go Jayda Duval!!

Open House 2018!!!

Please find the Following Their Voices Parent Survey Here.

Bears Football

Bears Football

Balfour 2018/2019 Spirit Wear

First Week Back!

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