Mr. Jim Lehrer


Phone: 523-3209

Subjects (2014 fall semester): Photography 20, PAA 9, Communication Media 2030, Communication Media 10


(note: CommMedia/Photography webpage ONLY works within the Regina Public School system)  

  1. an early morning sunrise picture
  2. a Wascana Park picture
  3. a picture at night
  4. a picture of the front doors of Balfour Collegiate
  5. a picture during the 'golden hour'
  6. a picture full of shadows
  7. a pic of your favourite teacher
  8. a 'photofuse' picture
  9. a best friend picture
  10. a picture of a parent, sibling and/or grand-parent
  11. a picture that is black & white except for one object that is in colour (colour splash)
  12. a natural light portrait at Balfour around one of the old windows
  13. a picture of a car/car part
  14. a black and white picture taken on a cell phone
  15. a picture of yourself in the favourite part of your house
  16. a selfie
  17. a self portrait in a location at Balfour that is 'significant/meaningful' to you
  18. a picture with a prop
  19. a picture where action is frozen
  20. a picture where action is blurred
  21. a landscape picture using deep depth of field
  22. a portrait picture around Balfour with an interesting background
  23. a picture in one of the Balfour photography studios
  24. optional ... 5 others of your choice




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