Mr. Jim Lehrer


Phone: 523-3209

Subjects (2013 winter semester): Photography 20, Photography 30, Communication Media


Module P22 - 'B & W Photography ... Final Exam Project'

We've introduced you to some of the basic concepts of B & W Photography ... now it's time to start taking and preparing a portfolio of pictures that you will present on the day of the final exam. You must present these pictures as a slideshow to music.

You have Wednesday, January 15 to Monday, January 20th to take the pictures. The slideshow will be put together on Tuesday, January 21st.

You will present the pictures to the class on the day of the final exam: Thursday, January 23rd

Here are the pictures you MUST take ... others are optional:

  • early morning sunrise picture
  • Wascana Park
  • a picture at night
  • a panning picture
  • a picture of the front doors of Balfour Collegiate
  • a picture during the 'golden hour'
  • a picture full of shadows
  • a pic of your favourite teacher
  • a photofuse picture
  • best friend picture
  • a picture of a parent, sibling and/or grand-parent
  • a picture that is black & white except for one object that is in colour
  • a natural light portrait at Balfour around one of the old windows
  • a picture of a car/car part
  • a black and white picture taken on a cell phone
  • a picture of yourself in the favourite part of your house
  • a selfie
  • a self portrait in a location at Balfour that is 'significant/meaningful' to you
  • a picture with a prop
  • a picture where action is frozen
  • a picture where action is blurred
  • a landscape picture using deep depth of field
  • a portrait picture around Balfour with an interesting background
  • a picture in one of the Balfour photography studios
  • optional ... 5 others of your choice

ALL PICTURES HAVE TO BE PRESENTED IN B & W ... all pictures must be compositionally creative!!!



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