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Drupal Help (by Jim Lehrer)

Creating New Pages

  1. Log in
  2. Scroll down and click on the 'Create Content' menu on the bottom right side
  3. Click on the 'Page' link
  4. Enter a Title for the new page
  5. Type information in the body 'field'
  6. In the 'URL path settings' box enter a logical name for your page.  For example if you are creating a page for one of your classes it might look as follows:  urlpath
  7. On a piece of paper, write down the name that you typed in this box above.
  8. Click the 'Submit' button

Creating Links to New Pages

  1. Find a page that you would like to put a link on
  2. Type in the link.  (It's actually not a link yet, just a word on a page.) example:


Photo Galleries

Follow these steps to create a photo gallery under the 'Public Menu' section of the Balfour webpage, under the menu called 'School Photos'

 A.  To Create A Gallery

  1. Log in.
  2. Go to 'Image Galleries'
  3. Click 'Add Gallery'
  4. Give the gallery a name
  5. Give it a weight
  6. Click on the gallery and note (write down) the URL web address - VERY IMPORTANT!

B.  To Add Pictures To A Gallery

  1.  Go to the menu item called 'Create Content'
  2. Click on the 'Image' link
  3. Enter a Title
  4. Select the correct gallery & browse to the picture you want on your hard drive, Yearbook server, cd, memory stick or whatever
  5. Click 'Submit' button

C.  How To Add Your New Gallery To The 'Public Menu'

  1. Get Mr. Lehrer to log into his account
  2. Click on the menu item called 'Administer'
  3. Click on the menu item called 'Site Building'
  4. Click on the menu item called 'Menus'
  5. Under 'Public Menu' click 'Add Item'
  6. Enter a 'Title', 'Description', and a 'Path.'  (The Path is the URL web address that you copied down above in section A - step 6.)
  7. Under 'Parent Item' choose " - - School Photos"
  8. Choose a 'Weight'
  9. Submit 

 D.  How To Add Your New Gallery To The Balfour Webpage As a 'Story'
  1.  Create the 'Story' (article for the webpage) first by doing the following:  Go to 'Create Content' > 'Story'
  2. Give the 'Story' a title
  3. In the body area, type up a summary of the event c/w pics if you want
  4. Scroll down the page and click the menu called 'Publishing Options"
  5. Check off:  Promoted to front page & Sticky at top of list
  6. Click 'Submit'