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Drivers Education

Driver’s Ed. Frequently Asked Questions


When can I register for Driver’s Ed?

Any Balfour student 15yrs or older by the beginning of the Driver's Ed class. with good class attendance,  can apply.  Classes are filled in order of birthdate, oldest to youngest.

How do I register?

Application forms are available from the Office.  Completed application forms, signed by parent/guardian, must be returned to the Office.

Please Note*  The first attempt at the Drivers Education course offered through the school is free.  Students must maintain good attendance at Balfour and also attend each Driver's Ed class after school and all the in-car driving hours to be successful.  If students are unsuccessful in completing the drivers education course offered through the school system, they will have to pay a fee to hire a private Instructor to take it additional times.

How will I know the details of my class?

Class Details are posted in our Student Announcements** (Teacher reads these to advisory class every morning)  and also posted in the Business Office and our school bulletin board.

There is a link to the Daily Balfour Student Announcements** on Balfour's web site.

 When are the classes held?

The last class of the 2017-18 school year ran April 30 - May 16th.Drive schedules are now posted in the Business Office.



Summer School Driver's Ed is held in July. Please submit all completed applications to the Office.



Where are the Classes Held?

There are typically 4 Driver's Ed sessions held each year  right here at Balfour Collegiate 

2018 Summer School Driver's Ed classes will be held at Scott Collegiate in July.

When will I do my driving practice?

Driving practice is done with family according to each family's schedule.

The in-car Driving part of the Driver's Ed' Class will be planned during regular Balfour class time, with some exceptions. Student is responsible to complete any homework from classes missed.

Other questions about getting your Driver’s License?