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Grade 9 Fine Arts Rotation

Students in grade 9 rotate through four areas of Arts Education. These areas include:  visual art, music, drama and dance.



The Visual Art strand of the grade 9 rotation encourages students to examine art and its impact on the world. Students will experience a variety of art materials and techniques while they explore the influence of art in their environment. They will have the opportunity to create art through drawing, painting, sculpting and designing.



The dance strand of the grade 9 rotation provides opportunities for students to actively participate. Students will gain an understanding and develop appreciation of dance through critical reflection on dances of various styles experienced as a participant and as an audience member. They will become familiar with the components of a dance class, styles of dance, terminology of dance and choreography in dance.



The music strand of the grade 9 rotation introduces students to the basic elements of music. Students will have the opportunity to develop skills to read, play and listen to a variety of musical compositions.



The drama strand of the Grade 9 Fine Arts Rotation introduces students to the rudiments of theatre using a wide range of group and individual performance activities. Students explore the processes and elements involved in creating a dramatic work. This includes cooperation in dramatic situations, movement, stage direction, vocal expression, problem-solving, and improvisation. Students have opportunities for personal reflection while they develop listening and responding skills as part of the classroom theatre audience.