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Through theatre activities designed to increase the students’ understanding of others, themselves and the world around them, Drama 10 engages students in the continuation of the development of the elements of drama and drama processes and skills introduced in the Grade 9 Fine Arts drama rotation. Students have opportunities for shaping, refining and polishing towards a collective creation. Within dramatic contexts, students become increasingly able to communicate and share their ideas using dramatic art forms including improvisation, monologue and character development.



Prerequisite: Some drama experience is recommended before enrolling in this class.

Drama 20 is a continuation of the Drama 10 program and includes more in-depth work in characterization and a major shift to the inclusion of script work. Students are expected to create characters from script stimuli and to learn basic scene analysis in preparation for theatre performance. General theatre activities continue with improvisation, role-play, drama in context, personal reflection and performance evaluation.


DRAMA 30                      

Prerequisite: Drama 20 or performance experience is recommended before enrolling in this class.

Drama 30 continues the characterization and script work begun in Drama 20.  Together with their drama teacher, Drama 30 students will choose and perform aspects of a contemporary play or a theatre history piece. This is an opportunity for senior students to engage their talents in challenging theatre work that offers opportunities for creative self-directed and independent learning.