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Balfour Collegiate students may select from three dance options: Dance 10, Dance 20 or Dance 30. The design of each class is based on the skill level and age group of the students.

The secondary level dance programs encourage students to explore the dance of various people in a meaningful way and enable students to express themselves through a nonverbal means of communication while increasing their dancing abilities. The program gives students a comprehensive understanding of dance as they learn specific dances and dance techniques, respond critically to dances seen as an audience member, and create their own dances for personal expression. Through dance experiences in the three components of the program, students are encouraged to explore, reflect on, and learn about dance.

Dance links the body, intellect, and emotions. This integration provides students with opportunities to further personal and social growth and encourages well-being. At the same time, dance gives students another means of seeing and expressing their ideas about the world around them. Ultimately, the dance program strives to foster a lifelong interest in dance. It challenges students to achieve new levels of discovery and understanding of dance and its value.

The program will provide opportunities to:

  • learn specific dance including social, cultural and choreographed dances
  • create dances in order to express personal ideas and feelings, and value the creations as unique expressions
  • develop dance technique and deepen spatial and kinesthetic awareness (the internal feelings of the body’s muscles and joints)
  • further understand dance by studying dance artists, dances, and the role of dance in cultures and societies (local, national and global, past and present)
  • gain understanding and develop appreciation of dance through critical reflection on dances of various styles experienced as a participant and as an audience member.