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Balfour Beacons - November 2017

In an effort to recognize the outstanding individuals that we have at Balfour Collegiate, we are going to embark upon recognition of these individuals.  The word ‘Beacon’ has long been associated with the bright light that stands out, that leads and guides, and is something to which many are drawn.  These are the exact characteristics we are attempting to showcase through the Balfour Beacons.

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Kasia Rosescue (Grade 9)

The first day of high school was so close and my nerves were getting worse. That’s all I could think about through the summer. As I walked to school the morning of September 5th my stomach turned, this was it. I walked through the large wooden doors at the front of Balfour and my mind flooded with questions; who will I meet? Who are in my classes? What will it be like? I spent so many years as a kid in elementary school and then one day I took a big step and I was in high school, it felt like it was happening all so fast. The first day was finished in a blink of an eye and the second day came ever faster. Each day was a whole new experience, and I was learning so much. I began to get involved starting with being a part of the volleyball team. My coaches were amazing and my teammates were incredibly kind. The day went by faster when I knew I could go to practice and be a part of an amazing team that brought a strong sense of belonging. I then joined choir and the musical making my days even more exciting. Too soon volleyball and the musical had come to an end, but I was thrilled about meeting the new people I had met along the way.

Every morning I am greeted with a warm smile from students or teachers, and it creates a safe and welcoming place for me to be six hours a day, five days a week. The teachers are kind and encouraging, and they are always willing to help everybody. Although I have not been at Balfour long I already feel like I have been a part of its community for a lot longer than almost three months. My advice to give to future students is definitely to get involved, it makes your first few months easier and you meet an amazing group of people. I am proud to be a Balfour Beacon and proud to be a Balfour Bear!



Ryan LeGault (Grade 10)

Before I even came to Balfour I knew it was going to be one of my most important moments of my life. The first day of high school, was a major milestone for my life. I will always remember walking through the great big doors of the auditorium. Shortly after, I finally got to meet my teachers that have helped and supported me each day in their classrooms. I am and still today, very thankful for the teachers at this school that have taught me over the last year and a half. If it wasn't for their daily lessons, skills, and effort, I wouldn't have the academic skills I have today.

Balfour has had so many positive impacts on me over the time I have been here and they still continue today. These include meeting new friends, finding new interests and continuing to play and try new sports. This year I am looking forward to continuing handball, trying wrestling and moving towards Balfour football. These sports are some of the many few that are played at our diverse school. I assure you, playing these sports and activities will benefit you by experiencing the game and meeting new people. So get out there and get involved.


Hani Rukh-E-Qamar (Grade 11)

I came to Balfour in Grade 9 not knowing anyone. At first, I was quite nervous as I was in a crowd full of people with no familiar faces. However, as time went by, I realized that choosing to attend Balfour was the right decision for me. The teachers are kind and always motivate me to reach my full potential. I made friends quickly as the students at Balfour are very friendly and outgoing. Over the past three years, I’ve met inspiring, accepting, and positive people, all because of a last minute decision I will never regret.

 Balfour is the home to many opportunities and amazing memories waiting for every high school student. As someone who takes every AP class available to them, I found Balfour to be quite prosperous. I got the opportunity to take Accelerated History, as well as AP courses in Math, English, Psychology and Art. The only elective I am taking at the moment is AP Art, and Ms. Kuz has continued to motivate me to gain new skills. Apart from academics, my advisory teacher, Ms. Mitchell, has encouraged me to compete in writing competitions outside of school, and has always been there as a great support.

Not only does Balfour have a wide range of classes and teacher supports available, there are also many clubs and activities to choose from. By joining one you can get to know many new people who have similar interests as you. No matter what your interests are, Balfour has a place for you fit in. Getting involved is a great way to start your journey at Balfour and make life lasting memories with the people you enjoy spending time with. Overall, it is an honor to be a Balfour Beacon and attending Balfour has been an enjoyable ride that I will remember for the rest of my life.


Gillian Chua (Grade 12)

For me, Balfour is like a second home. It has helped me to grow and become a better person. This school is a place where people can take a chance on trying something new and make a change in their life. Balfour provides all kinds of extra-curricular opportunities and classes to help people find their passion and often encourages students to try new activities.

In grade 10, I was enrolled in Dance class. It was not really my thing. I was known as “the girl who was really quiet and just didn’t talk” back in those days. I was deciding between the choice of dropping the class or not, but at last, I stayed. Looking back, I’m glad I made the right choice. Dance really became part of who I am as a student at Balfour. Along in this journey, I have met many amazing people; people who I never thought I would be friends with. There have been so many unexpected experiences for me here at Balfour, and being a part of the Balfour community was just one of the most pleasing things I could ever ask for.

Time really flew by. I can still recall the memories from when I was just a grade 9 student here at Balfour, and now, I’m already in my last year of high school. What is one thing I will never forget? I will tell you it’s the time I’ve spent here. All the amazing and talented friends I have met at this school, and all the experiences I have gained. At last, I want to thank all the teachers and staffs for this honor of being a Balfour Beacon, and hope to see more people trying new things. If you do, I guarantee that you will have a fun and an unforgettable high school journey!


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 photography by: Austin Reimer (grade 12)