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Balfour Beacons - May 2017

In an effort to recognize the outstanding individuals that we have at Balfour Collegiate, we are going to embark upon recognition of these individuals.  The word ‘Beacon’ has long been associated with the bright light that stands out, that leads and guides, and is something to which many are drawn.  These are the exact characteristics we are attempting to showcase through the Balfour Beacons.

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Benjamin Taypotat (Grade 9)


When I first stepped through the doors of Balfour it was an uneasy feeling walking into a new school. I didn’t know what to expect with high school as it was a big transition from elementary. But the teachers I met were very nice and helpful and made my nerves go away. My advisory teacher, Mrs. Macpherson, was very welcoming and always supported me. For the first week, it was always exciting to go to school and discover new things and meet new people. I joined the volleyball team as well as the basketball team and they were great experiences. For our basketball we made it to the semi-finals, which was awesome. I got to meet new people and make friends and meet new teachers and coaches. The teachers always pushed me to do my best and I've been able to excel in all my classes. People always said Balfour was a not so great school but they were wrong. Balfour is a great school with great diversity and tons of extracurricular activities. It has many opportunities not to pass up on and I really recommend coming to Balfour if you are thinking about it. Overall I'm very happy and proud I've been chosen as a Balfour Beacon and I'm excited for my next three years here.


Paige Hamann (Grade 10)


Many people consider high school as one of the toughest times in their lives. However, Balfour’s strong sense of community makes it a little easier. The staff at Balfour is so compassionate and understanding that I feel as if I always have someone to turn towards. Managing my social life, sports, and academics is quite demanding, although my teachers ensure that I never feel suffocated by my school work, and that I succeed. The teachers at Balfour are not only great in the classroom, but they dedicate their time to many extra-curricular activities. Balfour’s wide range of teams and clubs create a sense of belonging for many students.

Throughout the past two years, I have taken advantage of Balfour’s basketball, volleyball, track, cross country, and SRC. These opportunities have allowed me to befriend many types of people. The diversity seen throughout Balfour has exposed me to many different cultures, and has helped me to appreciate my fellow classmates. The close corridors at Balfour makes meeting and making new friends seem less intimidating. Numerous students and teachers have made my experience at Balfour incredible, and I am looking forward to the next two years!


Corey Crawford (Grade 11)


Get involved. Those two words have been thrown at me, and probably every student here at Balfour for longer than I can remember. And, even though it sounded cheesy on the first day of grade 9, I can now say with 100% certainty that no truer statement was ever made about how to have an amazing experience in high school. Walking through the doors on the first day of high school, I felt a number of things. Some of these included excitement, anticipation, and of course, a nervous stomach. But after an hour or so, the teachers and students there made me feel like this was a place where I could truly belong; a place where I could feel free to explore my existing passions and discover new ones. With the support of the teachers and the plethora of extracurricular experiences, this was not only possible, but highly encouraged.

Being a Balfour student hasn’t simply provided me with an awesome education, but also the chance to be a part of the amazing student community here. The students and staff are all supportive, passionate, and inspiring to everyone around. Being on the SRC for the past 3 years has allowed me to see this firsthand. This view of our school community has only made me love it more, and it has been wonderful to be a part of it.

At Balfour, I have expressed, explored, and experienced so much more than grade 8 Corey ever thought possible at this school. Through the sports teams, arts crews, and leadership committees, Balfour has surprised me again and again with the passion that the staff and students give in everything they do. With my little sister in grade 8 next year, high school is a close reality for her. And, while I won’t be there with her, I know that the school will treat her with the same level of care and sense of belonging it has given me. I am proud and honoured to be a Balfour Beacon, but am even more so to simply be a Balfour student.


Palmer Spence (Grade 12)


Back in 2013 I made what could have potentially been my worst decision ever, which was going to a different high school. It took me one month until I came to my senses and transferred over to Balfour Collegiate. I knew I made the right choice the moment I walked through those front doors. The teachers, staff and students were thrilled for me to join their community and be part of the school. My older brother Nolan, who was in grade 12 at the time, aided my transition and helped me learn the ropes on high school life. I was set up for success straight from the get-go thanks to the students and staff.

Balfour is home to many programs and extracurricular activities that appeal to anyone’s hobbies and interests. I wanted to expand my horizons and not just be known as “Nolan’s brother”, so in grade nine I joined football and band. A couple recurring knee injuries later I sadly had to give up football for good, however Balfour Bears Football is a great program which I was fortunate to be in even for just for a short while. I have been in Band since grade six and was excited to see what Balfour’s Band ensemble had to offer. Needless to say I have stayed in band all throughout high school. The opportunities Balfour beholds inside and outside the classroom led to personal growth for which I am forever thankful.

My experience with Balfour has been without a doubt a pleasant one. I would like to give a heartfelt thank you to the staff for providing me with a safe and growth-oriented environment as well as giving me the honour of being a Balfour Beacon.


 Past Beacons: November 2013 | January 2014 I March 2014 I June 2014 | October 2014 | January 2015 | April 2015 | December 2015 | November 2016 | February 2017

 photography by: Nisha Dalip (grade 12)