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Balfour Beacon ... October 2014

In an effort to recognize the outstanding individuals that we have at Balfour Collegiate, we are going to embark upon recognition of these individuals.  The word ‘Beacon’ has long been associated with the bright light that stands out, that leads and guides, and is something to which many are drawn.  These are the exact characteristics we are attempting to showcase through the Balfour Beacons.

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Amily Aziz (Grade 9)

When I moved to Regina I heard of Balfour Collegiate. Balfour is the most fantastic school I have ever known. When I came to Regina I didn't know how to speak English or even say anything to other people. I was so concerned and worried about not knowing English. But Balfour has lots of opportunities for newcomers to improve their English skills, which are EAL classes. I have learned how to speak English in the proper way because of Balfour EAL classes. Now I can communicate to other people and express my opinion to my friends and teachers. There are students immigrating from more than thirty countries to come to Balfour which is great.

Every single student has the same rights, voice, opportunities and determination to do all of the positive things that are required to succeed at Balfour. Balfour offers extra-curricular activities, various advanced placement courses and SRC which helps out other school events. Balfour promotes sports teams and musical activities to improve student’s extra skills. Each year we celebrate diversity to discover other people's equalities and strengths. Furthermore, the teachers, including the principal and vice-principal are extremely helpful, supportive and always encourage all students.

I could certainly say, at Balfour I feel at home and I think of how grateful I am to have chosen such an amazing school with wonderful people. Thankfully, I am really proud of myself that I am a student at Balfour.


Ysanna Ironstand (Grade 10)

Last year, I came to Balfour not knowing very many people, as I was the only girl from my elementary school. Within the first few days, I had at least a couple of friends in each class and people to talk to at lunch. All of the teachers made me feel instantly welcomed and like I belonged there. I was accepted almost instantly for who I am. At Balfour, it is easy to be whoever you are and be accepted for it. No matter what, you feel safe to be yourself and not feel like people are judging you for it. It doesn’t take long to find friends whether it is in your classes, clubs or sports. The people are so welcoming it makes you feel like you’re a huge family. No matter what, you always feel like there is someone there for you at Balfour. Even though I did not know very many people to start off with, I have a lot of friends now and look forward to spending the next two years with them at Balfour.


Amin Hassan (Grade 11)

Being my first year at Balfour, after coming from a different learning environment, country, and language, Balfour has offered me great help and assistance to get through a rough start. It has been and is still a welcoming environment for me and I am proud to call it a second home due to the warmth and friendliness I feel here.  Before I came to Balfour, I thought it would be very hard to get along with others, or even to make friends would be a challenge at the beginning; but it all worked out because Balfour is not like any other high school I have ever known.

A second chance is how I would like to describe Balfour. A second chance for students to succeed in their studies, and a second chance for new students to start fresh.  This year I have had the opportunity to try out new things that I have never experienced before, like playing under a school team name, trying art and music classes, classes that teach practical skills (Mechanics, Welding, or Construction). What I like about the school so far is how the teachers assist students as much as they can with a lot of patience and encourage creativity.  Also, how the school offers multiple sports teams that students are provided with a choice, and how the students are proud to play under the REDMEN name; and I can ensure that they will choose a great name for the next year. I haven’t yet become involved in any school teams or groups, but I am planning to in the future.

Ariston Bodnarchuk (Grade 12)

The greatest part of Balfour, in my eyes, throughout the four years I have attended this school, is that every day when I enter through the doors into this beautifully aged building, I am immediately greeted by this palpable mosaic of culture. For each day that I walk through these corridors, any way I glance leads to a different person from somewhere else in the world, all with stories pertaining to how they came to be here. Balfour is a cosmos of individuals, each so unique. This just a pittance of the astonishing things to be found at Balfour Collegiate, and what makes it such a truly great place.


Throughout my many personal challenges, attending this school, the loving and caring staff have always provided support for me. The staff has helped me to increase my intelligence in many ways, in subjects like Math and English, making the contrast between my knowledge, before and after high school, astounding. This really will help me to reach my goal of one day attaining a degree in Electrical Engineering. Throughout my journey here, the staff has always supported me and been friendly and caring, making each day greater than the last.



Ms. Raegan Vollman (teacher)