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Balfour Beacon ... June 2014

In an effort to recognize the outstanding individuals that we have at Balfour Collegiate, we are going to embark upon recognition of these individuals.  The word ‘Beacon’ has long been associated with the bright light that stands out, that leads and guides, and is something to which many are drawn.  These are the exact characteristics we are attempting to showcase through the Balfour Beacons.


Sasheen Horse (Grade 9):

Balfour is an extremely welcoming and inviting place.  I’ve only been here for a year but I feel like I have been here longer.  I didn’t feel like a stranger or someone who was just visiting, I really felt like I was valued as an individual and not just as a student.  I have a voice here that is heard and taken accounted for. I still remember my first day here and feeling the positive energy the students and staff give off.  I had a rough time in elementary and coming to Balfour really challenged me in more ways than just my academics.  I have made so many friends and opened myself up to meeting new ones.

One word I would use to describe Balfour is diverse.  There are people from every side of the globe here and everybody recognizes and celebrates it.  For the first time in my life this year I was able to attend diversity day lunch.  It showcased so many different cultures and I was glad to be at a school that has so many ways to help people to feel more at home.  I have learned more than I have in my whole life here at Balfour.  When I go home I want to tell my parents about all of the new things I learned because I am genuinely excited about learning.  I’ve learned so much about myself this year and I’ve tried things that I have never tried before.  I’m growing as a person in an environment that encourages growth and I’m lucky to have that.

I’ve been involved with peer support since the beginning of grade 9 and it really made me feel like I was making the school a better place.  I found out I really enjoy getting involved in school clubs and groups and I plan to join as many as I can next year.  One of the best things about Balfour is the teachers.  They are so helpful and encourage you to do your best in a way that will actually motivate you so you can thrive.  I connect with them and can ask for help if I need it so I can do the best I possibly can.  They understand we are only human and sometimes may need more time.  If I would’ve went to any other high school I don’t believe I would’ve felt like I belonged so much and It would just be a place I would go to write and learn stuff I wasn’t interested in.  I think that since I’ve came here I can be anything or anyone I want and most of all I can be myself without any judgments. That’s what everyone wants to, and deserves, to feel like at school. 

Balfour has an amazing dynamic among the different grades.  I used to be so sure that when I came here it would be like in the movies where there were cliques and bullies and I would spend lunch in the bathroom.  That was definitely not the case.  I came out of my shell and got to know people of different ages and it was really nice to not feel shy or like I had to prove something.  What I love most about Balfour is the way everyone gets involved in school events.  Every student participates and at pep rallies or events.  The way everyone cheers makes me think “this is my kind of school”.  I love this school so much and I have had a spectacular welcome into high school, I couldn’t have had more of a great grade 9 year.  I am so excited to experience the next three years here!


Yujing Zou (Grade 11):

If you ask me what one of the decisions I made that I would never regret is, I would certainly say:“I chose Balfour to spend my high school life! ” One and a half years ago, I started my journey at Balfour. A Chinese girl living in a brand new environment, her fear of not being accepted was inevitable. However, my experience at Balfour has totally proved how unnecessary my concern was. Balfour embraces students from more than thirty countries, each student has an equal chance to try any extra-curricular activity, any advanced placement course, and even build your leadership skills by joining SRC and helping out with school events. In my opinion, Balfour is a place that makes me grow as an integrated person. With extremely helpful and supportive teachers, not only can you excel academically, but also fully pursue your passions and dreams. Feel like jamming with a few friends? The music and studio room are there for you; feel like working out? The gym doors are opening just for you, and distinctive sport teams along the way; feel like acting? Improv team and musical are what you might want to consider; Finally, feel like it`s your time shine? Go audition for our talent show for a few times, you may just surprise yourself by seeing how much you have grown! Keep trying, put yourself out there, and strive for the best you can is what it means to me for being a Balfour Redman. Most importantly, I guarantee that you are going to have a ton of fun going to Balfour every day and never regret choosing here just like me!



Daniel Ogbay (Grade 12):

As my time as a student at Balfour is nearing to an end in grade 12, I now have the chance to look back and reflect on the past 4 years I’ve spent here as I moved forward into adulthood.  To really sum up my experience at Balfour, it has been a place filled with many long lasting memories that have made the journey of a high school education as enjoyable as can be.  Balfour is such a passionate school in the sense of the support that everybody gives to those in the school, teacher or student.  Whether it be any type of activity such as an athletic event, pep rally or spirit day, it is obvious that the people who are at Balfour carry the REDMEN name with pride.  Balfour has always been among the top schools in Regina for its athletics, academics, and for being as diverse as any other school you can find in the city.  I have much praise for the people of Balfour and efforts everybody makes to make it as enjoyable a place it can be, especially for someone like me which is why I am very glad I chose this school to go to as my high school.  I am also glad I was a part of something really special during my time at Balfour which was being on the football team.  To me, being on the on apart of such a program like that was truly a blessing mainly because of the many friendships I gained with all my teammates and coaches since I joined the team in grade 10.  Not to exclude the other people I have had the privilege to meet, student or teacher, who have helped me down the right path to where I am going in my future.  So as I set off into the next chapter of my life and whatever is to lie ahead for me, I know that I will always have a spot in my heart for my time at Balfour Collegiate and will carry the Redmen name as long as I live.


Abrieana Schienbein (Grade 12):

I came to Balfour in grade 9 not knowing anyone. I came to Balfour for that reason; I wanted a fresh start. Grade 9 I still one of my favorite years. I found, for the most part, I felt very welcomed. Nowhere is perfect and there are always going to be those people who are just not nice, but it was not long before I had lots of friends who I am still close to till this day. As well, the teachers were more than happy to help me to make sure I was understanding everything and was learning the best way for me.

In Grade 10 and part of 11 I did go through a bit of a hard time in my life. In the year before I had built strong relationships with some of the teachers, and during that time of my life they were all very concerned for me and were trying to help me in any way they could. Then when I was ready to change they were still all there, more than willing to give me a second chance. They did everything to help me not only to catch up but make sure I would be able to graduate.

Now in my Grade 12 year I have no worries about not passing any of my classes or not being able to graduate. Even with some health conditions that  caused me to fall behind, I have the support I need from the teachers that care about their students.

I personally love Balfour; the teachers and students are wonderful. I have built many relationships with them that I will always remember. Throughout everything I have experienced in the last four years of my life, I have learned a lot and am glad that everything worked out the way it did. I am sad to be leaving but know with the help from everyone that I am ready for the future.

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