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Tips for your information search

Encyclopedia:  It is good practice to check an encyclopedia first to get a general idea or overview of your topic and choose some helpful search terms.  The Encyclopedia Britannica is linked to the library home page:


Google Searching:  use these ways to search:

-        Use quotation marks to search two or more words as one term (example:  names "Homer Simpson")

-        Use individual key words in a string (important words not small joining words like a, an, the, but, etc.) Do not ask question or write regular English.

-        Use the "pages from Canada" button

-        Scan through the suggested sites and refine your search


Domain names can inform you about the source of the information.



Personal web pages:  Caution:  What is this person's expertise and bias?

-        Tilde ~ in the address

-        Someone's name in the address

-        Use of ‘users' or ‘members' in the address


Check out the website:

  • Look at the "about us" or "contact us" links.
  • Check the home page for the website.
  • Find the date - often at the very bottom of the page.
  • Who is responsible for this website and what is their purpose for publishing this? - to inform, to sell, to entertain, to persuade?